My son, Luka, has had ten session of dyslexia and massage training. Each session consisted of co-ordination exercises,
eye exercises, hand and writing exercises.  The session then finished with a massage.

After the first session, I saw results with Luka. With every week I saw new improvements.

1.        Homework time was reduced from about two hours per evening to about forty-five minutes.

2.        Luka’s handwriting had improved.

3.        I saw a huge improvement in spellings.  Previously, Luka would never get a star in his spelling test and now gets
one every week.  This is both in English and Irish spellings.

4.        Maths homework has improved and time spent on it reduced also, it now takes only about fifteen minutes - the
time it would take any other pupil.

5.        Confidence has blossomed. Luka really enjoys school.

6.        He takes great pride in his work. His dyslexia no longer rules the day. Dyslexia will always be part of his life,
before the training, it was a huge part of his day, not it is only a minor part.  We all find it a lot easier to cope with
homework and spellings, rather than spending so much time on homework, the time is now spent with his father
reading books which one year ago, he would not have had concentration to do.

Luka is now a much happier and more able nine year old boy, who no longer has to spend hours battling with
homework and has the time to do things other nine year old boys would d.

Andrea B.


Dear Katie,

I have been very happy with this course of treatment that my daughter Eadaoin has undergone with you. She has
benefited in many ways, some subtle, some quite distinct.

As you know she has difficulties with schoolwork, particularly written work, spelling and reading. This has improved
to the extent that she can concentrate for longer periods and is more precise and accurate in her work. She does not tire
or grow restless as she did and as she is more successful in this area her self-confidence is growing. Her schoolwork in
general is of a higher, consistent standard and while she has always been quick at maths she is now in the top group in
her class, her teacher also strongly concurs with this.
I am particularly pleased with the overall improvements in terms of her own self-image and social skills.  Her feelings
of self worth appear to be much enhanced and she doesn’t seem to seek the approval of her peers in such an earnest,
intense way as she did occasionally before.

Of course, it is not possible to state that all of these improvements are directly related to the treatment but it certainly
would appear that there is a strong connection.

Eadaoin has been doing Ballet for the past four years and with moderate success.  She has been asking to be allowed to
stop going to the classes but lately she has remarked that maybe she won’t give it up as she is getting very good at it.
She has also just learnt to ride a bike (age 9) which she could not do before despite numerous attempts in the past.

I feel my daughter is more grounded, more able to organise and initiate work better. She is
much, much quicker at her homework and quite independent about doing it.  Also with the exception of this week, she
has had excellent general health and has slept very well. In the past, she has had very poor sleeping patterns and went
through phases of sleepwalking.

All in all the benefits of Eadaoin have been very valuable and I very much hope they will be lasting. She will certainly
return for further sessions to maintain the momentum, if advised.

Many thanks,

Anthony, 9 years old

As a result of attending sessions at Sandycove Health Clinic for twelve weeks, I’ve noticed the following changes in
my son’s behaviour.

Anthony’s reading ability has improved dramatically, his reading age went up by one year between November ‘00 and
January ‘01. He is more confident reading and enjoy reading on his own, which he never did before.

He is more relaxed in himself and appears to be more “grounded”.

His concentration when doing schoolwork is greater.  He is more focused this has been noticed also by his tutor and the
remedial teacher.

Anthony himself has noticed that he can play “playstation” and computer better.

He is also sleeping better and no longer gets distressed when he wakes up during the night.

Mary F.