Carried out by Katie Losty, April 2004

                                   Sample Size             :                77 Respondents
                                   Sample Male           :                         63%
                                   Sample Female        :                         47%

Over a period of approximately one year, families were asked to complete an Evaluation Form at the end of the
therapy to provide feedback as to how they felt their child progressed. This is what they told us in response to
the questions listed.

Question.1 Have you noticed general improvements in your child since training commenced?

On elaboration of the 100% positive feedback to general improvements, parents reported back the following

                                 Child calmer and happier
                                 Child’s memory and concentration had improved
                                 Child was more willing to learn and was getting on better at school
                                 Child’s co-ordination and balance had improved.

Most parents also reported that their child’s behaviour had improved.

Question 2 : Have you noticed improvements with your child’s schoolwork? Please specify in relation to
improvements in the areas of...

                                   Working Independently
                                   Speech/Formation of Sentences
                                   Time involved in doing Homework

On elaboration, all parents reported a marked improvement in application to homework and also reduced time
length in completing homework. Additionally, most parents reported an improvement in sports for the child.

Summarising these figures, the positive improvements reported by parents varied from good improvement to
excellent improvement in the respective areas. The parents who reported no change in these areas, some of them
indicated that this particular area had not been a problem for the child to begin with.

Question 3 : Has there been improvements in handwriting and comprehension of schoolwork

On elaboration, all respondents said that overall general improvement had occurred. In addition, analysing these
results  some parents reported for the “no difference” response that this had not been a problem at the start.

Question 4 :  On a personal level the changes that have occurred? Please specify in relation to improvements in
the areas of..
                                               Self Confidence
                                               Self Esteem

Summarising, the figure above shows that almost all of the children who completed the programme gained on a
personal level. The adults who did the therapy also noticed substantial personal improvements in these areas.

Question 5 :  Any Other Comments

In reply
     Many parents reported that their child was much easier to handle after the programme, much more co-    
operative and not so aggressive.
     Many said that children’s social skills had improved and that they were mixing much better at school.
     Some parents said that their child had become more observant and more aware.
     Some children who had difficulty following conversations and communicating their needs also reported back an
improvement in this area.
     Some parents commented on the correction of  'b' and 'd' letter transposing (one letter mistaken for the other)
which  children with neuro development delay often experience.
     Transcribing writing from the board became a lot easier for children who were experiencing difficulties in this
area to begin with.        
     Children who had difficulty dressing themselves showed a better ability to do this.

Question 6 : Are you pleased with the results achieved?

100% of respondents said they were pleased with the results achieved from the Co-ordination and Massage for
Dyslexia Programme.
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